Natalie Abou Shakra i Gaza får mail

Natalie Abou Shakra lever i krigets Gaza.

I Januari skickade jag ett uppmuntrande mail i krigets fasa. Vi hoppades då att det skulle vara över, men i några andra mail framgår det tydligt att bomberna och kriget INTE är över. Nu är den här konverationen lite gammal, men jag vill ändå dela med mig av den. Den innehåller hopp, förtvivlan och desperation. En människa i nöd, ett krig mot ett folk.

TO: Natalie Abou Shakra

Today me and my friend sent an email to the whole foreign department demanding a stop of the war.
You are not alone and we will not be silent until the war is over.
I hope you take care still.

/Erik & Tobias

FROM: Abou Shakra

I am so happy to hear that.. when I tell people here about the support we are getting from the world, people smile, their sad expressions change… so, that is your affect…
Keep working on the boycotting apartheid israel campaign though…


TO: Natalie

Hello Natalie!

I hope you are alive and better off now that the bombs apparently have stopped falling.

You still have our support and according to a poll in Aftonbladet, a majority of the Swedes are pro in favour of puting a ”trade embargo” on Israeli products.

I talk to my friends at work, at home, my relatives and everyone supports you and we will not be silent.

hope to hear from you soon!

/Erik & Tobias

FROM : Natalie

I send my love, respect and admiration to your insistence to conveying the truth to your country and your people…

As I write this to you, another recorded telephone call from the Israeli Occupation Forces reaches our house and tells us to evacuate, they say they shall bomb close… we shall never leave, never.

Yesterday, they targeted a fisherman’s boat. The day before they targeted another boat, and they kept shooting till they shot a fisherman…

They imposed a 3 mile limit on the fishermen, but that is not enough for them to capture a good amount of fish with a decent variety…

This is the occupation we are fighting, this is the repression we want to destroy…